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Virtual Reality Headset Rentals

VR rental prices are per-station and in 15 minute intervals. Each station can be shared between multiple people (1 player at a time, take turns).


  • • Minimum 7 years of age or older
  • • Minimum 4 ft / 121 cm tall
  • • Under 13 requires parental supervision
  • • 17 and under requires a guardian's signature

SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME - Fill out the customer waiver and signup form:


Time Interval Price (per station) With Tax
15 min $12.75 $14.28
30 min $22.50 $25.20
45 min $29.25 $32.76
60 min $33.00 $36.96
75 min $39.00 $43.68
90 min $44.10 $49.39
105 min $48.30 $54.10
120 min $51.60 $57.79

10% Weekday Discount Every Monday to Wednesday for Walk-ins

Gift certificates for VR time also available. See in store.

Mobile and out-of-store events: $60 per hour per station (minimum 2 hours). Contact us to work out the details.

Note: Our mobile offering is currently unavailable. Please contact us anyways if you are interested for the future.


Pre-purchase VR time at a discounted rate with our loyalty punch cards. Redeemable in 30 minute intervals, can be shared and used with up to 4 stations per time redemption.

Total Time Price With Tax
3 hours $72.00 $80.64
6 hours $136.80 $153.22
9 hours $194.40 $217.73


Book your next birthday party, staff party or other special occasion with us! We will dedicate our entire venue to your private event, giving full access to all of our VR stations and full game library. Fun for all ages, even for people who don't want to play and are just spectating! Enjoy our comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Minimum 90 minute booking and must make a reservation. A 25% deposit is required to secure your spot. Additional $50 for liquor special event license (by advanced request).

Ideal party size: 7 - 16 people.

Limited VR systems available, party sizes greater than 5 - 7 will take turns playing (usually switch every 15 to 30 mins). For larger party sizes, we recommend considering a 3 or 4 hour party instead of 2 hours.

Party Length Price With Tax Deposit (25%)
1.5 hour (4 stations / MICRO) $136.80 $153.22 $38.30
2 hour (4 stations / MICRO) $177.60 $198.91 $49.72
3 hour (4 stations / MICRO) $252.00 $282.24 $70.56
4 hour (4 stations / MICRO) $307.20 $344.06 $86.01
2 hour (Kamloops Only, Full Size) $268.80 $301.06 $75.26
3 hour (Kamloops Only, Full Size) $378.00 $423.36 $106.59
4 hour (Kamloops Only, Full Size) $470.40 $526.85 $131.71

If you would like to book during off hours or days that we are normally closed, please contact us at least a few days in advance.

Monthly Memberships

If you love Virtual Reality and want to get the best value at AAGZ possible, then our memberships system is for you! Memberships are available as either a continous monthly subscription, or a fixed term with a minimum of 3 months commitment. This is the ultimate deal for all the true "All Around Gamerz" out there!

Perks of becoming an AAGZ Member:

  • • Included VR Time at our lowest rates per minute, resets every month.
  • • 20% discount on all additional VR time purchased, including gift cards.
  • • 10% discount on VR Time Cards.
  • • 30% more VR-Cash for every daily sign-in, new player referral and other bonus rewards!
  • • Free or discounted entry to any tournaments or other special events that we host.
  • • And more!

The monthly price and amount of included VR Time depends on your membership level:

Membership Level Included VR Time per Month Monthly Price With Tax
Casual Gamer 120 mins (2 hours) $42.00 $47.04
Elite Gamer 240 mins (4 hours) $79.20 $88.70
Pro Gamer 480 mins (8 hours) $144.00 $161.28
All Around Gamer 720 mins (12 hours) $194.40 $217.73

For pre-purchase of memberships, there is a 10% discount for purchasing 6 months or more up-front, and 15% discount for 12 months or more.

Membership time can be shared with friends and family across multiple stations, however the primary member must be present with the group. VR time can be used any day or time of the week, but we must have the availablity and no conflicts with other bookings, so make sure to still call ahead to reserve your stations whenever possible! Bonus 5 minutes for every 30 minutes redeemed on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Interested in signing up for a membership? Contact us today or ask our staff in-store and we will get you set up.


In addition to quality VR experiences, we also provide the following services:

  • • Custom gaming computer builds
  • • Computer component upgrades
  • • Desktop computer diagnonists
  • • And more!

Call, email, or visit us in person to receive a quote.

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