COVID-19 Health & Safety Policies

During the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, we are enacting additional Health & Safety protocols based on the guidelines provided by WorksafeBC. These measures will continue until the health crisis passes and the B.C. Provincial Health Authority and WorksafeBC relax their recommendations. These policies are effective as of June 3rd, 2020.

Our Policies & Protocols are broken up into different categories, in order of importance and effectiveness. These are: Elimination, Engineering Controls, Administrative Controls, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


Elimination is the first level of protection, lowering the chance of having any contact with the virus at all or allowing it to further spread. This includes things such as "social distancing" measures and limiting occupancy.

Our Virus Elimination / Prevention Policies are:

  • An occupancy limit in-store of 16 people including staff.
  • A maximum of two staff on shift at any given time.
  • We have reduced our overall store hours for each day of the week and are now closed mondays.
  • We ask that any customers who have any symptoms, live with anyone that has symptoms or have recently travelled outside of Canada, please do not visit our store at this time and consider self quarantining. Any staff with symptoms will be sent home and asked to do the same.
  • Customers are asked to stay back at least 6 feet / 2 meters from any of the VR players as well as any other customers / groups.
  • Our "Mobile VR" offering will no longer be available during this time. We look forward to bringing it back!
  • For computer build and repair services, we can offer free in-town delivery or curbside pickup upon request.
  • We are now offering online ordering services for computer hardware, VR systems, VR accessories and other merchandise.

In addition to the above, we have also rearranged our store to provide for a more open layout with all of the VR stations along one wall, a single designated spectator area, and a more condensed front desk. Each of our VR stations are spaced out so 6 feet is maintained between players. Although it is possible for players to get close to one another without realizing it, our staff are there to help avoid them getting too close (which we do anyway to prevent collisions and accidents).

Engineering Controls

Engineering Controls are the next line of defense, helping prevent any spread of the virus where social distancing measures are not feasible, or additional controls that help make social distancing easier.

Our Engineering Controls are:

  • We have installed a plexiglass "sneeze guard" barrier at the front counter for protection between customers and our staff.
  • We have a divider line across the shop in front of the VR stations indicating how far any spectators should stay back.
  • Our VR stations are already designed with "social distancing" in mind (already part of the business model).

Administrative Controls

Administrative Controls include additional policies and cleaning procedures etc. that will help further prevent the spread of the virus.

Our cleaning policies are as follows:

  • All players are required to sanitize or wash their hands before playing VR or the racing simulators. Hand sanitizer is provided for all guests to use as well as our staff.
  • All VR and racing equipment is cleaned in between every player.
  • VR and racing equipment receives a deeper sanitization every night and multiple times throughout the day and between groups.
  • Regular sanitizing of all touch points including door handles, debit machine, water cooler, front counter, mouse & keyboards, couches and any other surface areas or seating.
  • All of our regular cleaning procedures have been stepped up in frequency and thoroughness.

Additional policies and other:

  • We have switched to a manual player registration and sign-in process. Our staff will collect the basic contact information for each player, or find and sign them in to the system if they are a returning player. This minimizes physical contact with anything at the front counter. We recommend customers to pre-register on our website to save time.
  • The game library binders and price sheets must stay at the front counter. These are also regularly wiped down.
  • Only one staff member should be in the front desk area at any one time.
  • We can offer pre-payment over the phone, e-transfer or through our online booking system to avoid contact with the debit machine or cash. We also offer Debit/Credit Tap.
  • Our staff have the option to talk to VR players through the headset voice chat system, allowing them to communicate with and assist players while keeping more of a distance.
  • Whenever possible, groups and individual players are staggered in which stations they are using, with empty stations in between (note: this is not always feasible).
  • All players are required to have signed the player waiver with their contact information and sign-in to our system before playing. This provides us a log of who has played and when, which may be needed for contact tracing if requested by health authorities.


Personal Protective Equipment is considered the last line of defense and for when social distancing is impossible and other measures are not enough.

  • Staff are required to wear gloves while handling any of the VR or racing equipment. Gloves should be disposed of and changed in between groups.
  • Staff are required to wear either a mask or a face shield in situations where they need to approach closer than 6 feet to a player (such as putting on or taking off any gear, physically helping with controls, preventing them leaving their area, falling down or other accidents).
  • We recommend that customers wear masks as well, though they are not strictly required.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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